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flag of the PhilippinesThe Philippines is a vibrant nation with a fast growing economy. A large, well educated population and cities and ports close to major trading partners such as Japan, China and the United States provides many opportunities for employment and job seeking. Many multinational companies are looking to the Filipino workforce to provide back office and customer facing services to their businesses, and in particular the call center and business process outsourcing (BPO) sectors are taking off and employ many people.

Best paying graduate jobs

by Editor on November 1, 2014 85 Comments

In 2014, the highest paying jobs for graduates in the Philippines were:

  1. Travel and tourism industry
  2. Telecommunications
  3. IT (information technology) and computers
  4. Hospitality and hotel jobs
  5. Software engineer
  6. Medical and healthcare
  7. Call center and BPO
  8. Financial services (such as banking jobs)
  9. Legal industry and law
  10. Education, teaching and training

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Tips for writing your resume

The first step to getting the job of your dreams is to have a standout resume. Here are some quick tips:
  • Keep it short. One or two pages only.
  • Check spelling and grammar carefully. Then check again. Then ask a friend to check for you.
  • Use a professional sounding email address in your contact details, like one with your real name in it. Avoid unprofessional emails like
  • Be honest on your resume. Do not exaggerate your skills, experience or qualifications. Do not include education courses that are not completed (unless you make this clear).
  • Show the employer that you have thought about their needs. Emphasise skills and experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for.