Writing your resume or CV

Your resume is an important tool for making your job application stand out from the others, and showing the employer why they should choose to hire you for the new job.
Here is an outline of the content that you should include in your resume:
Personal details
namehow to write a resume
Street address
e-mail address
Short summary of your application and interest in the position
Explain here what kind of professional or employee are, how much experience you have, in what areas, what are your areas of interest.
Professional goals
Briefly describe what you expect in the medium term and how you will contribute to the organization to which you belong.
Technical Studies (full program), School, start and end date.
Degree (full name of the course), University, start and end date.
Masters degree (full name of the program), University, start and end date.
Skills (knowledge, skills and attitudes that you have)
Organizational: eg, leadership, drive, organization.
Technical: software or knowledge that you have mastered. For example, database administration, instructional design.
Personal: eg, adaptability, ease of learning, responsibility.
Employment history (beginning with most recent position)
Position and employer
Start and End Date
Location (city and state whether it is national or city and country if international)
Job description
Name or type of recognition, organization, date received
Professional organisations and other relevant groups to which you belong, and in particular any leadership roles in those organisations.